Bye Law (Governing Competition)


The Annual Subscription for Ordinary Members will be due on 1st January and becomes overdue after the end of January of the current year. Members are reminded of Fasal 24.1 of the Perlembagaan Persatuan Senior Golfers Malaysia which reads:-

“Seseorang Ahli yang belum atau tidak menjelaskan yuran tahunannya pada 31hb Januari tidak boleh mengambil bahagian dalam apa-apa aktiviti Persatuan dan tidak boleh menikmati segala kemudahan dan keistimewaan sebagai Ahli sehingga dia membayar yuran tahunannya. Ahli tersebut juga tidak layak menerima apa-apa notis mesyuarat atau menghadiri mesyuarat Persatuan.”

Under Fasal 24.3 “Seseorang Ahli yang tidak membayar yuran tahunan bagi dua tahun berturut-turut, namanya akan dikeluarkan dari Daftar Ahli dan dengan itu dia dengan serta merta terlucut dan terhenti menjadi Ahli.”


Pursuant to Fasal 29 of the Perlembagaan Persatuan Senior Golfers Malaysia the Committee hereby makes the following ‘Code of Conduct By Law’ which is applicable to all Members of the Society.

  1. Members who take part in any of the competitions, matches, tours or other functions organized by the Society must project the good image and maintain the esprit de corps of the Society.
  2. All Members are required to give the Team Captain, or in the case of a tour, the Group Leader, their support and co-operation.
  3. Whenever a tour is organized by the Society, the Executive Committee will nominate a Group Leader and those in the tour group are required at all times to adhere to the instructions given by the Leader.
  4. At all international events, Members in the team and officials are required to abide by the Society’s dress code.
  5. When on a tour the instructions and announcements will only be issued / made by the Group Leader or the Deputy appointed by him.
  6. At each location where arrangements have been made to play golf, the group will tee off based on the draw made by the Group Leader / Deputy Leader.
  7. Whenever Members on the tour are required to pay any other fees, it is incumbent on them to pay the fees as directed by the Group Leader /Deputy Leader.
  8. Any infringement of this bye-law may result in disciplinary action being taken against the Member concerned. The Executive Committee may appoint an Enquiry Sub-Committee to conduct a formal enquiry into the complaint and make specific recommendations to the Executive Committee. Fasal 25 (Penggantungan dan Pemecatan Ahli) of the Perlembagaan Persatuan Senior Golfers Malaysia gives the Executive Committee the power to take such disciplinary action as it deems fit.


  1. Entries accepted - First come first served basis.
  2. Competitors’ latest NHS Handicap Index or his Assignment Handicap whichever is lower will be applicable for each competition.
  3. Maximum Scores. The maximum scores allowed is nett 4 under (-4) and stableford 40 points
  4. In the event of a tie for any prize, the Society’s count-back system shall apply as follows:
    1. Gross event - The higher handicap participant wins the tie.
    2. Nett / Stableford events - The lower handicap participants wins the tie.
    3. If the tie persist, it shall be decided by a count-back over the last 18 holes, the last 9 holes, last 6 holes, last 3 holes and finally the 18th hole and handicaps will be applied proportionally.
    4. If the tie is still undecided, it shall be decided by lot.
  5. Each player or pair may win only ONE prize except for novelty.
  6. Competitors are required to report to the official starter at least 10 minutes before their starting times. If a competitor is late, Rule 6-3a will apply.
  7. All play shall be in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by The Royal & Ancient Golf of St. Andrews, and the Local Rules.
  8. The attention of all competitors is drawn to Rule of Golf No. 6-7 regarding undue delay and slow play. Penalty: two strokes.
  9. On completion of game the competitor must ensure that his score card is duly signed and returned to the official scorer within 10 minutes after the game.
  10. The Tournament Sub-Committee shall appoint a Rules & Decisions Committee whose decisions in all matters affecting play shall be final.
  11. In the event of circumstances which make the playing impractical the Committee shall have the right to cancel the remaining holes at its discretion.
  12. Prize presentation will be held after the competition. Prize winners who do not turn up at the Prize presentation Ceremony without leave of the Tournament Sub-Committee may have their prizes forfeited.
  13. The proper attire for golfers shall be governed by the dress code of the Club where the event is held. Generally the following will be observed.
    1. Tee shirt must be with collar (no turtle-neck) and sleeves and must be tuck-in.
    2. Tee-Shirts without collars, short pants and slippers are not allowed during the prize giving ceremony.
  14. The Tournament Sub-Committee reserves the right:
    1. To restrict the number of competitors,
    2. To cancel a tournament when the number of competitors is less than 40.
    3. To restrict the number of prizes according to the number of participants in a competition.


  1. In this Bye-Law
    1. ‘Tournament’ means the SGSM Annual Championship, Regional Championship, Anniversary Trophy, President’s Trophy, Super Seniors, Merdeka Cup, Hari Malaysia Cup or any other competition which the Tournament Committee may from time to designate as a Tournament for the purpose of this Bye-Law.
    2. ‘Tournament club handicap’ means the current handicap given to a Member by his home club and as assigned by the Tournament Committee. All Club handicaps shall be in accordance with the National Handicapping System (NHS).
    3. ‘Tournament Committee’ is the committee appointed by the Executive Committee to organize a Tournament.

  2. Handicap Assignment Table
    1. In any Tournament a Member who over a round of 18 holes returns a nett score which is below his playing handicap shall have his handicap allowance reduced in accordance with the following table:

      NET SCORE646566676869
      Handicap Number of Strokes to be cut
      4 - 7110000
      8 - 12222110
      13 - 18322211
      19 - 24443322
      25 - 36664432

    2. In any Tournament a Member who over a round of 18 holes returns 39 Stableford points or more shall have his handicap allowance reduced in accordance with the following table:

      Stableford Points444342414039
      HandicapNumber of Strokes to be cut
      4 - 7111000
      8 - 12222110
      13 - 18322211
      19 - 24443322
      25 - 36664432

    3. The handicap after the reduction as in item 2 shall be known as the ‘Assigned Handicap’. A new NHS handicap index will be computed on the assigned handicap.
    4. A Member who has been assigned a handicap index shall apply that index in computing his playing handicap beginning the next competition he participate for the following three (3) months, provided that if his official NHS handicap is lower than the assigned handicap, he shall play off the official (lower) handicap.
    5. The Tournament Committee may at its discretion assign a handicap to any member who has returned an exceptionally low score.



    1. The selection of participants for the Inter-Club matches will be based on the following procedure:

      1. A Member who has played in fewer inter-club matches during the preceding twelve months will be given preference over another who has played more.
      2. If both have played an equal number of matches where the Society acted as host during the period, then preference will be given to the one who has traveled further for these matches. Distance will be calculated from the players’ homes.
      3. If they are still equal at this stage, then the ‘first come, first served’ rule shall apply.
      4. If both applications have been received at the same time then the Member with the lower handicap will be selected.
      5. Not withstanding the above, the Chairman of the Tournament Committee has the final say on the selection.
    2. If a member register to play an subsequently withdrew he shall be given lower priority for future selections.
    3. A record of Members participating in Inter-Club matches will be maintained by the Secretariat.
    4. Members selected must wear t-shirts with SGSM Logo.
    5. Any member who fails to turn up (absent) without good cause for the Inter-Club match or not abiding with the above rules shall be suspended for the following two (2) Inter-Club matches.
    6. The match fee for all inter-club matches will be decided by the Executive Committee. The fee is partially to cover for green fees, breakfast, lunch, ball-sweep and buggy rentals for both our players and the guests.

    1. The selection of participants for the Asean Senior Amateur Golf Championships will be based on a number of criteria, among which:

      1. Priority will be given to Council Members
      2. The Gross and Nett champions of the Annual Championship will be automatically selected
      3. Members who are in the top positions in the Order of Merit based on the following competitions:
        1. President Trophy 2016
        2. Annual Championships 2017
        3. Anniversary Trophy 2017


The Scheme

  1. The SGSM ORDER OF MERIT is a scheme to establish a ranking order of SGSM members based on accumulated merit points earned from participation in and prize winning positions during tournaments organized by SGSM within a calendar year. Only tournaments open to all SGSM members are considered.


  1. The objective of the scheme are:
    1. to inculcate the spirit of healthy competition and of striving for excellence among members of SGSM.
    2. to produce a list of ranking of members based on their individual consistent performance of golf.
    3. to encourage members to participate in as many competitions as possible.
    4. to be used as a selection criteria.

Point System

  1. Points distribution to participants are as follows:

    1. A member who participates in a Society tournament earns twenty (20) points.
    2. A member who participates in a Society tournament and wins a prize will earn points as follows:

      Main Prizes(Gross, Nett & Stableford)
      Winner - 10 points
      R-Up - 7 points
      3rd - 5 points
      4th - 3 points
      5th - 2 points
      6th to 10th - 1 point each

Ranking List (Order of Merit)

  1. The SGSM Secretariat with the supervision of the Tournament Sub-Committee will compute points and draw up a ranking list of members in descending order of merit at the end of every tournament.
  2. There will be three (3) lists:

    1. GROSS
    2. NETT
  3. The ranking list will be made available to members.


  1. Eligibility

    The Championship is played on Gross, Nett and Stableford. It is open to all active members of the Society with a valid NHS handicap of maximum handicap of 18. Those with handicap 19 to 24 are allowed to participate in the Gross and Nett events provided they play to handicap 18. Members with handicap 19 to 36 can enter to play in the Stableford event provided they play to maximum handicap of 24.

  2. Mode of Play

    The Championship will be on Stroke Play over two rounds of 18 holes using the BLUE tee boxes. The Stableford Event will be on points over two rounds of 18 holes using the WHITE tee boxes.

  3. Maximum Scores

    For any round, the maximum score allowed is 4 under nett (-4) or 40 stableford points.

  4. Prizes

    Depending on the number of participants prizes will be awarded as follows:

    1. Overall Gross - 36 holes (Diamond Jubilee Trophy & Green Jacket) and winners.
    2. Overall Nett - 36 holes (Golden Jubilee Trophy) and winners.
    3. Overall Stableford - 36 hole and winners.
  5. Members are subject to Assignment Handicap Bye-Law No.4.