SGSM Created Golf History In Cavite, Philippines

24 May 2018

The 34th Asean Senior Amateur Golf Championships, hosted by the Federation of Philippine Amateur Senior Golfers, Inc (FPASGI) was held at the sprawling Aoki Golf Course and the Greg Norman Course of Eagle Ridge Golf and Country Club, Cavite, Philippines, from 18 to 20 October, 2017. The Senior Golfers’ Society Malaysia (SGSM) sent a contingent of 49 golfers to participate in the championships made up of four participants to represent the Gross Team, four the Nett Team, eight the Stableford Team and the rest as individual players. The list of participants are attached as Annex A.

The championships participated by six Asean Nations namely Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Like SGSM the rest of the participating nations also sent their respective teams to compete for the traditional seven Challenge Trophies being placed for contention in the championships. These trophies are the Sallahuddin Challenge Trophy for best Individual Gross score over 54 holes, Mondonedo Challenge Trophy for best Individual Nett score over 54 holes, Henry H.S. Lee Challenge Trophy for best Team Gross score over 54 holes, Zakir Challenge Trophy for best Team Nett score over 54 holes, Toh Shung Chee Challenge Trophy for best Individual Stableford score over 36 holes, Pongpairojana Challenge Trophy for best Team Stableford score over 36 holes and Lela Pahlawan Challenge Trophy for the overall national champion.

SGSM created history by bagging five of the seven challenge trophies except the Mondonedo Challenge trophy for best individual nett score and the Toh Shung Chee Trophy for individual stableford score. Idris Ngah (6) swiped the Sallahuddin Challenge Trophy for best individual gross with 54 holes score of 219, three strokes ahead of the 1st runner up from the Philippines and Dato’ Dzaamoddin Salleh (6) came as 2nd runnerup. Foo Chok Ti (16) came out as the 6th runner up and as the only SGSM prize winner in the individual nett category. In the Team Gross, SGSM amassed a total winning score of 702, a head of the Philippines by 6 strokes while in the Team Nett SGSM scored 636 beating Singapore by 3 strokes.

In the Individual Stableford category, AllenYuen (21), came out as 1st runner up in Group C, Edmand Chiam Kim Seng (22), 1st runner up in Group D and Dato’ Tan Seng Chee (23), the winner in Group E.

The SGSM Team Stableford took the Pongpairojana Challenge Trophy by accumulating a total of 580 points, 9 points ahead of Thailand. Subsequently SGSM was awarded the Lela Pahlawan Challenge Trophy to become the National Champion with a total of 56 points, edging Thailand with a mere one point at 55. The results are attached as Annex B.

The President of SGSM, Tan Sri Sallehuddin Mohamed who did not follow the contingent to the Philippines was delighted with the performance of SGSM teams and in appreciation of the team’s effort in creating history for SGSM, hosted a victory dinner reception for the team members at the Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, on 30 October, at 8.00 pm. In his address at the dinner he stated that SGSM seemed to have set a trend by winning the team gross trophy and the team nett trophy at the intervals of ten years since 1984. He hoped that SGSM would from now on be able to produce team members that should be able to retain the championships every time.